Passive Baseband Identifier Collector

Passive Baseband Identifier Collector

Tactical Spectrum Monitoring

The PBIC (Passive Baseband Identifier Collector) is a full spectrum monitoring, plug & play, tactical: “Wireless & Cellular Movement, Detector and Locator” which can be used to track and trace suspects within the cellular GSM, LTE and 5G spectrum.


During the design, we took privacy very seriously. The second objective was to develop a technique to keep our precious society safer.

We maximize your situational awareness using the most advanced, compact, discrete, scalable and efficient intel-sensing spectrum technology available. We give you and your team the ability to work with real-time and pinpointed fact-data.

PBIC. For a safer society.

Passive Baseband Identifier Collector PIDS

Passive Cellular Detection Technology

The PBIC monitors and collects valuable insights such as: IMEI, IMSI, TMSI, GPS, etc.) from the cellular spectrum with practically zero effect on the connectivity. Within a close proximity of 5 meters up to 500+ meters.


The PBIC is targeting at both short and long distances connected cellular devices (GSM, LTE, 5G) and wireless devices (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi). The PBIC consistently monitors the wireless spectrum, even while an operator is on the move or in the air.

Thanks to a passive way of detection, no communication or personal information is intercepted. The PBIC detects, monitors and collects data from all GSM, LTE, 5G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices in the vicinity.

Secure Monitoring Dashboard

The real-time collected intelligence and forensic monitoring reports can be called up at any time. Based on Role-Based Access Control, the received data can be visually displayed on the dashboard.


Particularly for operators in the field, the dashboard offers the option of only receiving a (mobile) verification notification. The use of the PBIC does not require extensive training and it can even be operated remotely.


Contact us for more details about the (managed or self hosted) PBIC Monitoring & Advanced Analytics dashboard.

Rapid Deployment

Designed for law enforcement operators, field specialists and security guards. The PBIC is rapidly deployable and operational within minutes. The size of a tactical backpack, it includes an internal battery and internal silent cooler for a long standby time.


Delivering valuable output such as: GPS-location, IMEI, IMSI, TMSI, country of origin, and more.

Contact us for the deployment options or order one of our portable (tactical) demo kits.



PBIC. For a safer society.