PBIC Cell Phone Detection Dashboard


The machine-learning and deep-learning PBIC dashboard is designed to detect both known and unknown, unauthorized or suspicious mobile devices.


Using the Advanced Analytics tools within the (managed or self hosted) web-based PBIC dashboard, correlations can be performed while the data remains privacy-compliant.

The dashboard shows the targeted detected (anonymous) 4G LTE or 2G GSM cell phones data real-time, anywhere in the world.


Both the control room and/or an operator in the field, equipped with the passive cell phone detection solution PBIC, always stay in the know by accessing the dashboard from any desktop computer, laptop, tablet or handheld in order to meet the requirements of any operational need.


Receiving real-time cell phone detection data such as the IMSI + TMSI + Country of origin + Telecom Provider + Device data and more.

Presented in the Role-Based Access Control user-friendly PBIC web-dashboard user interface.


The dashboard can be extended with the Advanced Analytics Plugin, allowing the operators to receive more detailed information about detected phones or other communication devices.


Advanced Analytics contains: Device Correlation, Device Pinpointing, Device Tracking, GPS Detection, Location Management, and many more.

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