Listening Bug Detector

Listening Bug Detector Device

The X-Guard ARPSA intelligent, permanent and autonomous operating Listening Bug Detector has the capacity to detect low-cost 2G GSM and custom RF frequency bugs and listening devices, automatically.


At a time when anyone can buy a listening device for a few hundred dollars and place it unnoticed in a room, a smart permanent multi-spectrum bug detector is required.

That constantly analyzes the wireless spectrum 24/7, or at the configured hours.

Listening Bug Detector X-Guard ARPSA
Automatic Listening Bug Detector

Automatic Listening Bug Detector

Nowadays, anyone can place a listening bug and camera bug in a room within seconds. Sweeping a room once a month, every quarter or even six months is no longer sufficient. It should be done daily, or at least weekly. The X-Guard ARPSA provides you the ability to automatically sweep a room daily, as a permanent Listening Bug Detector.


Any unsweeped conversation may have been tapped and all your tactical or strategic plans may have been compromised. With the X-Guard ARPSA Automatic Listening Bug Detector you don’t have to worry about that and you are optimally protected.

Autonomous Bug & Listening Device Detector

It is possible to monitor and even configure the X-Guard ARPSA Listening Bug Detector remotely. Allowing an operator to manage hundreds of Detectors from a security control center.


When a low-cost listening bug or high-end listening device is detected, the operator automatically receives an alarm, silent or with sound. With a logging function to recognize entry from certain devices.

Autonomous + Remote Listening Bug Detector
Multi Frequency Listening Bug Detector Demonstrator

Multi frequency Listening Bug Detector

It is even possible to remotely select certain frequencies within the configuration screen within which the Listening Bug Detector should scan. Up to 10 frequencies can be set and a scan is performed every few minutes over the configured time slots.

If you want to have more frequencies automatically scanned at the same time, you can easily stack X-Guards and link them to the same room. This way you can automatically scan a room on 3, 10 or even 100 frequencies.


Listening Bug Detector Demonstrator

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