IMSI Stingray Police Device

Next level close proximity & passive (non intercepting) 4G + 5G IMSI Stingray Device

Native: IMSI Stingray Device

Based upon the Stingray technology of PBIC – Proximity Baseband Identifier Collector.

The PBIC IMSI Stingray Devices are designed for law enforcement agencies, police forces, governmental and non governmental organizations.

The PBIC V3 IMSI Stingray Device is available as a full spectrum IMSI Catcher or can be purchased per natively spectrum: (native) GSM IMSI Catcher, (native) 4G LTE IMSI Catcher and (native) 5G IMSI Catcher  .

Close Proximity IMSI Stingray Police Device

IMSI Stingray Device

Passive (non intercepting) IMSI Catcher

The PBIC V3 Stingray Device makes it possible to detect only the IMSI without interception or downgrading. The PBIC V3 can be deployed quickly and easily and can natively detect 4G and 5G smartphones within seconds and collect the IMSIs to verify and identify a suspect.


Semi-passive detection, without downgrading and interception. Low priced with the advantage of being deployed as widely as possible.

Stingray Police Device

Designed for Police Forces and beyond

We understand that in most cases detecting, verifying, classifying and authenticating an IMSI is more than enough for LEA and police forces. The PBIC V3 makes it possible to detect a suspect very accurately from 3 meters to 50+ meters.


The PBIC V3 due to its portable and small size can be placed anywhere with a drone or operator. Even for long term covert operations with a power bank or using the existing infrastructure.

Passive + Remote controllable

Real-time intel and evidence gathering.

Simply remotely operable by any operator, plug and play installation with an user-friendly intuitive dashboard.

In a (as small as a can of cola) very compact design, compatible with various SDR’s, amplifiers and antenna’s for any deployment.

Designed for both Commercial & Public Safety.

Technology beyond existing LTE IMSI Catchers. Introducing passive detection with PBIC.

Asset Protection + Public Safety

X-Surveillance has developed the PBIC for both Public Safety and Asset Protection. A passive way of cellular phone and cellular device detection that takes privacy into account.


While with regular phone detection solutions you only know that a device is present, the (remote) operator also receives with the PBIC the identifiers such as the IMEI, IMSI or TMSI and other characteristics. PBIC provides complete privacy-centered situational awareness.

Select your PBIC model:

GSM + LTE + 5G Detection

For tactical deployment, for national security, we understand that you want to use all means to detect threats. With extensive (remote) collective intelligence and (on-site) situational awareness, you can increase safety proactively and preventively.


X-Surveillance offers various (privacy-ethical) privacy-centric IMSI Catchers for (tactical) operational deployment, the GSM IMSI Catcher, 4G LTE IMSI Catcher and 5G IMSI Catcher.

Allowing you to detect all unknown, unauthorized and authorized GSM, LTE, 5G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi cellular devices in a close proximity.