IMSI Stingray Device

IMSI Catching – Non-Intercepting Full Spectrum Stingray Device

Stingray Device for IMSI Catching

Based on the IMSI Catcher technology of PBIC we present a Small + Low Cost Stingray Device that is integrable within existing covert surveillance equipment.

The PBIC Stingray Device has been developed for covert and discrete (invisible) intelligence collection within the radio frequency spectrum.

As an additional intelligence gathering and security solution, the technology is complementary to covert equipment. Covert equipment such as: surveillance cameras, license plate recognition, face recognition, and so on. By obtaining the IMSI, an extra intelligence layer is added.

Intelligence Gathering

Designed for a more Secure World

The world is changing, it is becoming increasingly difficult to deploy traditional operatives without being recognised. They can’t operate anymore without someone taking a photo or sharing their thoughts on social media.

For tactical intelligence it is necessary to obtain as much relevant and factual data as possible.

For example, the PBIC Stingray Device provides operators with the ability to receive alerts when targeted IMSIs are detected. Or retrieve IMSI addresses of specific suspects, or create correlations from obtained IMSI addresses, and much more.

Stingray Device

Collecting IMSI of Wireless Devices

We understand that obtaining real-time factual intelligence can be vital. Obtaining multi-spectrum intelligence plays a major role in this.

This is why the PBIC Stingray Device has the ability to scan per spectrum or all spectrums simultaneously and detect wireless devices within these spectrums in real time.

For example, you can choose to select a spectrum based on the location: GSM / EDGE / 4G LTE / 5G-Ready. Or simultaneous spectrum detection: GSM + EDGE + 4G LTE + 5G-Ready.

IMSI Collection

Real-time intel and evidence gathering.

The real-time processing of the obtained IMSI – IMEI – MAC – and other attributes into comprehensible and visual intelligence is possible within the comprehensive Cell Phone Detection Dashboard which is included with the purchase of the PBIC Stingray Device.

Within the smart (fact-data AI-based) dashboard, operators can gather intelligence from a distance without being visible. Completely anonymous and unobtrusive, operators can now gather intelligence within an operational range of 5 to 100 meters (with special PBIC SigInt boosters even up to 200 or 300 meters).

Would you like to know more about the very affordable: PBIC Stingray Device with IMSI Catching capabilities and Comprehensive Dashboard. Contact us for more information.

Technology beyond existing LTE IMSI Catchers. Introducing passive detection with PBIC.