Additional Layer of Security: Cell Phone Detection

Wireless Spectrum as an Additional Layer of Security

Eavesdropping on physical conversations and theft of technology can have major financial consequences for your organization.


Nearly 99% of all cases, an unauthorized individual has a smartphone at hand. To detect these unauthorized visitors, add an additional layer of security by scanning the cellular spectrum that protects restricted areas using the Executive PBIC.


Notice restricted area violations by detecting unauthorized visitors who are accessing a restricted area and enforcing no cell phone policies.

Security by Wireless Detection

We understand that organizations with sensitive data want to know that there is movement in their restricted environments, in order to get a holistic view of all the real-time activities.


Currently, organizations do not have an all-inclusive view in their (restricted) executive environments.


In order to protect against emerging threats, organizations need to increase their security layers by scanning in the radio frequency spectrum (detecting cell phones).

Better situational awareness

The combined Executive PBIC is an additional layer of security, because it detects cell phones, which everyone is carrying nowadays. Detect all cell phones operating in the cellular spectrum, in real-time.


By tailgating or lost passes, an individual can gain access to a restricted area. To avoid this, we continuously need to increase our security layers.


Our technology assists the security personnel behind camera monitors, receiving a real-time notification when an unauthorized individual is accessing a restricted floor or restricted area.

Cell Phone Detection Security

The Executive PBIC Cell Phone Detection is a Cyber-Physical Security Solution.


Pinpoint an intruder, track their movements and increase the situational awareness through valuable real-time received information.


Allow physical security to quickly detect and localize any individual accessing a restricted area. Protect the crown jewels of your organization by the Cyber-Physical Security Solutions of X-Surveillance.


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