Automated Prison Cell Phone Detection

If you’re seeking an Automated and Remotely Monitor-able Prison Cell Phone Detection System, the X-GUARD from X-Surveillance is the ideal solution for your organization.


The X-GUARD is a fully automated system designed specifically for prisons, capable of detecting unauthorized cell phones with complete automation. It will detect cell phones regardless of whether they are turned off for 23 hours and 45 minutes a day and only used for 15 minutes.

The X-GUARD can passively recognize cell phones by detecting 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, and BLE signals and attributes. Additionally, it offers active detection capabilities. This includes a stealthy “One-Time Detect” feature to avoid drawing attention, or a DoS option to block further use after detection.

24/7 Remote Prison Cell Phone Detection

We understand that your staff can’t spend their day carrying a signal analyzer, waiting for a cell phone to be used. That’s why the X-Guard Prison Cell Phone Detection System operates 24/7, 365 days a year—fully automatic.


Designed to detect unauthorized cell phones in prisons without requiring extra personnel, the system allows the control room to remotely manage and monitor an unlimited number of detection units. This enables precise identification of unauthorized cell phone usage at any time—day or night.

With remote monitoring, operators can detect both signals and attributes like MAC, IMEI, and IMSI of the cell phones.

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Plug & Play Cell Phone Detection System

The Prison Cell Phone Detection System Sets, contained within a plug-and-play case, are equipped with an SDR, amplifier, and multi-antennas. Each set can be configured to detect a single spectrum, such as 4G LTE, or multiple spectrums, including 2G GSM, BLE, WiFi, signal analyzing, and 4G LTE, according to the prison service’s requirements.


When a mobile device in proximity gains connectivity after being in flight mode or turned off, it is detected within seconds. The X-Guard (Proximity) Active IMSI Catchers and Passive Signal Analyzers can quickly identify and disable these cellular devices.

The Plug & Play X-Guard operates effectively within a range of 100 to 300 meters (typically around 150 meters), enabling the jamming of mobile devices, capturing IMSI/IMEI, and performing simultaneous triangulation to pinpoint their locations.

Cell Phone Detection + Jamming in One

Our Prison Cell Phone Detection System offers discreet One-Time Detect capabilities, identifying cell phones only when they start up or exit flight mode. Additionally, we provide a Denial of Service feature designed specifically for prisons.


This feature simultaneously detects and jams unauthorized cell phones, blocking outside communication via cellular connectivity while collecting the IMSI and/or IMEI of the devices. It operates on 2G GSM and 4G LTE networks, and can transmit a signal to the targeted mobile device to disable its connectivity.

Clients can choose to disable the device’s cellular connection capabilities entirely, prevent it from making any connections, or render it non-operational until it connects to a new network or is restarted.

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