Device to Detect Listening Devices

Intelligent Device to Detect Listening Devices

The X-Guard ARPSA is the need-to-have device to detect listening devices. Developed for public and private organizations that want to better protect their sensitive meetings. Discover when a listening device, spy camera or other RF bug is present in your space.


The X-Guard ARPSA is a permanent RF Signal Detector that constantly, autonomously, multi-spectrum and 24/7 scans your room(s) for RF, WIFI and GSM listening devices.

As an extra layer of protection against potential eavesdropping. Instead of checking once every six months, the X-Guard detects daily. Because a lot can happen in a week, month or six months.

Permanent Device to Detect Listening Devices

Designed as permanent RF Signal Analyzer and Bug Detector Device to detect listening devices within the set space. And that is necessary, especially in these times.


Nowadays, malicious parties can place a sophisticated listening device in your room for just a few hundred euros. As small as a pinhead, or concealed in a fire detector, mobile charger, extension cord, mouse, and so on.

In short, even if a smartphone / mobile phone is not allowed, you are still vulnerable to potential eavesdropping. You can prevent this with the X-Guard.

Intelligent Device to Detect Listening Devices

The X-Guard RF Signal Detector Device to detect listening devices, spy cameras and other RF bugs fully automatically scans the RF spectrum every 24 hours. This gives you the ability to add or select ten RF spectrums from a pre-configuration list. Once selected, it automatically scans this list of frequencies in a loop several times within a day.

The dashboard is very user-friendly and intuitive. Within a few minutes you have configured the system and can monitor the detections remotely.

User-Friendly Device to Detect Listening Devices

You can link an unlimited number of X-Guard Listening Detector Devices to the dashboard. Within the dashboard you can easily configure, manage and monitor the Detector Devices remotely.


In the event of a detection, the security operator receives a notification, silent or loud alarm, with a built-in logging function. In addition, the dashboard can be expanded with Forensic Investigative and Automatic Correlation functions.

No matter if you need this Signal Analyzer Device to detect listening devices for your High Secure R&D Facility, SCIF Room, Meeting Room, Clean Room or Server Room – you can easily deploy it anywhere. Available managed hosted, in-cloud, on-premise and stand-alone.

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