Cell Phone Detector Device

Cell Phone Detector

Introducing the X-Guard Cell Phone Detector, a wall-mounted autonomous operating Signal Analyzer Device that simultaneously prevents false positives and contributes to investigations. Important: This Cell Phone Detector Device allows you to monitor remotely, one or thousand Detector Devices in one user-friendly Dashboard.


With an operational range of 30 meters to 50 meters (90ft to 150ft), it can detect standby and operational cell phones using the built-in passive Cell Phone Signal Detector.

Expandable with X-Fusion, it is possible for remote operators to simultaneously obtain the IMSI – IMEI – MAC. For more information about the compatibility of X-Fusion and X-Guard, contact us.

Cell Phone Detector X-Guard
Remote Monitoring Cell Phone Detector Device

Remote Monitoring Cell Phone Detector

The X-Guard operates autonomously as a Permanent Cell Phone Detector Device, which can be monitored remotely.


Which results in more efficient detection of cell phones, and your guards do not have to be constantly present in the same space as the Cell Phone Detector Device to detect mobile and cell phones. They also do not have to wait (in the middle of the night) for an unauthorized cell phone to be used.

The X-Guard Cell Phone Detector Device works on all 2G (GSM) – 3G (UMTS) – 4G (LTE) frequencies simultaneously, from 2 or 3 Frequencies to 12 Frequencies simultaneously with each an operating distance of 150 feet.

Signal Analyzer + IMSI + MAC Collector in One

In addition to the built-in Phone Signal Analyzer, multiple Sensor Systems can be placed within the room with the addition of X-Fusion. Such as: 4G LTE IMSI Catcher + 2G GSM IMSI & IMEI Catcher + BLE MAC Sniffer + WIFI MAC Sniffer.


The X-Fusion Sensor Systems can be used for access verification, space correlation and recognizing movement patterns. These logging, silent alarming and real-time alarming capabilities can be fully personalized by the end user.

Cell Phone Detector Signal Analyzer
Cell Phone Detector Device

Smart Cell Phone Detector Device

The X-Fusion is compatible with the X-Guard Cell Phone Detector Device, and remotely monitorable in one and the same (on-premise available) dashboard.


Cell Phone Detector Demonstration

The X-Guard Cell Phone Detector Devices are connected to our generic Dashboard for demos and pilots, where each user has their own unique (secure) account. If desired, the Advanced Dashboard is also available on-premise and stand-alone, completely operationally disconnected from the internet. The prices of on-premise and stand-alone are always calculated per customer, based on customer requirements.


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