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X-Surveillance developed an intelligent and passive 2G + 3G + 4G + 5G IMSI Catcher Detector, the XDETECT. It automatically alerts the user when an IMSI Catcher is operational in its vicinity. Transmitting an early warning to the user before it’s too late and the phones are attacked. Detecting an IMSI Catcher faster than ever before.


Introducing the XDETECT, an intelligent IMSI Catcher Detector designed to preventively detect IMSI Catchers. The moment you use apps and recognize whether there is an IMSI Catcher nearby, it is already too late. Then you are already targeted.

The XDETECT is designed to preventively recognize whether a GSM, 4G LTE or 5G all band IMSI Catcher is nearby. It sends you an Early Warning so that you can turn off mobile devices before falling victim to the attack.

IMSI Catcher Detector Technologies

So-called Rogue Base Stations or Cell Site Simulators as IMSI Catchers are also called, transmit variable signals. These signals are passively received, processed and filtered in real time. With smart algorithms it can be determined whether it is a Rogue or Simulator system.


The IMSI Catcher Detector XDETECT works completely autonomously and only warns when it has a very high (90%+) probability of detecting an IMSI Catcher. To prevent false alarms and to warn the customer only preventively when it is actually necessary.


4G + 5G – IMSI Catcher Detector

Receive Early Warnings when an IMSI Catcher is detected. The detector operates within an operational range from 500 meters (1500 ft) up to 3.5 KM (2.2 miles). By combining short and long range IMSI Catcher Detector you can even find out if they are aiming at you and recognize if they are targeting you. Ask about the betting options.

Even recognizing 4G + 5G IMSI Catchers!

Full Spectrum IMSI Catcher Detector

With the knowledge of active and passive IMSI Catchers, X-Surveillance has managed to develop the XDETECT. It can even detect 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G IMSI Catchers.


This IMSI Catcher Detector has been developed in such a way that it can alert the customer preventively, even before mobile devices are reached. This allows a customer to turn off their mobile devices in time before eavesdropping or even Spyware, Malware or Tracking Software can be installed.


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