2G GSM IMSI Catcher


Looking for a passive, less active, without intercepting communications, 2G IMSI Catcher technology?


The PBIC is an innovative passive mobile phone detection technology that can be used for observation, safety or security. It gives your teams more situational awareness ahead of a planned action.

The PBIC is a more society-friendly detection solution instead of the existing 2G GSM IMSI Catcher mass intercept systems. With a particular advantage that it can be used compactly during tactical and protection tasks.


Since the PBIC does not intercept communications, unlike a 2G GSM IMSI Catcher, it only shows the IMSI and IMEI of the suspected mobile devices. Which in most cases is more than enough and less.


Whether you need to perform observation, reconnaisance or detention tasks, teams equipped with the PBIC are empowered to make better decisions by providing them with vital data in real-time.

Know exactly how many mobile devices are in a home or present at a rundown demonstration or unauthorized within a geo-fenced perimeter. This is possible with the targeted PBIC scanning techniques.


As you would expect from an exclusive LTE or GSM IMSI Catcher, the PBIC also offers automatic frequency hopping capability. The PBIC is operational within different networks, and always chooses the most suitable frequency.


As a result, the PBIC GSM and LTE versions can be used operationally while the operator is on the move. Even remotely operational with the use of a web-based Live Tracking and Forensics Dashboard. Allowing the operators to portable detect, monitor, pinpoint and track suspect devices.

If you would like to know more about the PBIC GSM version, please contact us.