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    Depending on the use cases, X-Surveillance technologies are designed to operate passively, privacy-compliant. No downgrading.
    Both the Native 4G LTE + Native 2G GSM + Wireless Spectrums Detectors come with a web-based Live and Forensics Dashboard.
    One operator can manage one or thousands of Detectors from the (managed / self-hosted) Advanced Dashboard.
    Little to no training required to operate the Wireless / Cellular Detectors on-site or remotely. Rapid deployment.
    The Detectors are Off-The-Shelf + Compatible with various SDR’s and Amplifiers and Antennas to increase the range and accuracy.
    The technology is based upon passive detection, meaning we can never fully guarantee speed or detection. Native operational detection.
    Note: Our services are only available for enterprises, law enforcement, intelligence and emergency services. We deliver only for ethical, security monitoring and pen testing purposes.