Cell Phone Detector For Prisons

Automatic Cell Phone Detector For Prisons

X-Surveillance Cell Phone Detector For Prisons is one of a kind and is designed for use within High Secure Facilities.


The X-Surveillance Cell Phone Detector is the world’s first autonomously functioning and remotely monitorable passive Cell Phone Detector. Which at the same time distinguishes between authorized and non-authorized cell phones.

With an operating range of 150 feet, detection within two to twelve RF frequencies simultaneously, can be monitored and configured remotely.

Blacklist & Whitelist Cell Phone Detector

The Cell Phone Detector is designed to simultaneously detect unauthorized cell phones across various frequencies. Its combination of detection, location, identification, and recognition capabilities makes the X-Guard an effective solution for prisons.


The technology is Plug & Play, enabling quick and discreet placement within prisons. It is also available in backpack or trolley form for added convenience.

• Combination of: Signal Analyzer + BLE MAC Catcher + WIFI MAC Catcher + 2G GSM IMSI Catcher + 4G LTE IMSI Catcher.

• It recognizes when unauthorized cell phones are being used within the room where the X-Guard Phone Detector Device is placed.

• It prevents false positives (false alarms) by recognizing the entry of cell phones belonging to staff or those that have been whitelisted.

• It has an operational range of 30 meters (~90 feet) to 50 meters (~150 feet) to detect standby and active Cell Phones.

Autonomous & Remote Cell Phone Detector for Prisons

Because in certain environments a cell phone is only turned on once a day, you need a system such as the Cell Phone Detector for Prisons that constantly analyzes signals, captures the attributes (such as MAC, IMSI and IMEI addresses) and recognizes the type of communication.


It even has the capability to capture the IMSI of unauthorized cell phones without being noticed, the moment they receive a signal. They are detected only once, in a catch and release scenario.

• It detects cell phones within two to twelve RF frequencies simultaneously, so you only need to place one Phone Detector Device in a space.

• It has the ability to simultaneously detect both Cell Phones within 2G GSM – 3G UMTS – 4G LTE per provider.

• In addition to purely passive RF Signal Analyzer functionalities, it can be expanded to ‘inconspicuously’ obtain the IMSI and MAC addresses.

Stealthy & Covert Deployment Cell Phone Detector

The X-Guard Cell Phone Detector Device for Prisons and other High-Secure Facilities is available stand-alone, requiring no connection to the internet. The dashboard and backend will work completely on-premise.


Not to forget, Plug & Play operational. Quick to install, remotely, easy to configure and monitor from the dashboard.


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X-Guard Cell Phone Detector for Prisons