Cell Phone Detector For Prisons

Automatic Cell Phone Detector For Prisons

X-Surveillance Cell Phone Detector For Prisons is one of a kind and is designed for use within High Secure Facilities.


The X-Surveillance Cell Phone Detector is the world’s first autonomously functioning and remotely monitorable passive Cell Phone Detector. Which at the same time distinguishes between authorized and non-authorized cell phones.

With an operating range of 150 feet, detection within two to twelve RF frequencies simultaneously, can be monitored and configured remotely.

Blacklist & Whitelist Cell Phone Detector

The Cell Phone Detector is designed for High Secure Facilities such as: Prisons, Command Centers, Archives, Data Centers, Corporate Floors, R&D Cleaning Spaces, and so on.


  • It recognizes when unauthorized cell phones are being used within the room where the X-Guard Phone Detector Device is placed.


  • It prevents false positives (false alarms) by recognizing the entry of cell phones belonging to staff or those that have been whitelisted.


  • It has an operational range of 30 meters (~90 feet) to 50 meters (~150 feet) to detect standby and active Cell Phones.

Autonomous Cell Phone Detector for Prisons

Because in certain environments a cell phone is only turned on once a day, you need a system such as the Cell Phone Detector for Prisons that constantly analyzes signals and recognizes the type of communication.


  • It detects cell phones within two to twelve RF frequencies simultaneously, so you only need to place one Phone Detector Device in a room.


  • It has the ability to simultaneously detect both Cell Phones within 2G GSM – 3G UMTS – 4G LTE per provider.


  • In addition to purely passive RF Signal Analyzer functionalities, it can be expanded to ‘inconspicuously’ obtain the IMSI and MAC addresses.

Stealthy & Covert Deployment Cell Phone Detector

The X-Guard Cell Phone Detector Device for Prisons and other High-Secure Facilities is available stand-alone, requiring no connection to the internet. The dashboard and backend will work completely on-premise.


Not to forget, Plug & Play operational. Quick to install, remotely, easy to configure and monitor from the dashboard.


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X-Guard Cell Phone Detector for Prisons