Mobile Call Detector Device

Mobile Call Detector

X-Guard: Mobile Call Detector + Investigation Device in One. Discover when a mobile call takes place within the room where the Call Detector Device is operational.


At the same time you can compare the obtained attributes with camera images. Discover invisible movement patterns that are relevant for further investigations.

The Mobile Call Detector Device functions completely passively within two to three frequencies simultaneously and has an operational range of 45 feet to 150 feet.

X-Guard Mobile Call Detector
Intelligent Mobile Call Detector

Intelligent Mobile Call Detector

With the X-Guard is possible to simultaneously detect mobile calls within two to twelve frequencies with a Mobile Call Detector Device.


If there are two or more mobile providers in your region, you can set one frequency per Cellular-Gen. If you want to simultaneously detect 2G GSM + 4G LTE within each provider, you can select a specific frequency band per provider.

The intelligent Signal Analyzer has the ability to recognize whether a detected mobile phone is standby or operational. Even how long a certain call takes. It can even be expanded with X-Fusion.

Autonomous 24/7 Mobile Call Detector

The X-Guard as permanent Mobile Call Detector operates Autonously and monitorable Remotely. It doesn’t matter if unauthorized mobile phones are turned on somewhere in the middle of the night for just a minute. The X-Guard Mobile Call Detector detects every standby, started or active phone completely automatically within a few seconds.

With the ability to prevent false positives and whitelist staff standby phones. This means that no alarm will sound when staff enter a room.

There is also the option to log standby phones, and only during operational use an alarm will sound within the assigned Guard in the Control Room.

Autonomous Mobile Call Detector Device
Investigative Mobile Call Detector

Investigative Mobile Call Detector

The X-Guard can be expanded with X-Fusion, allowing more types of Sensor Systems to be linked to the fully passive X-Guard Signal Analyzer. This makes the Mobile Call Detector very unique of its kind.


Mobile Call Detector + Investigator

This makes it possible, in addition to recognizing signals, to also detect fixed attributes and correlate them throughout the entire High Secure Facility. This makes it possible to specifically detect the IMSI, MAC and IMEI of a mobile phone without a user realizing it.


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