Hidden Spy Camera Detector

Automatic Operating Hidden Spy Camera Detector

Increase your protection against hidden spy cameras, which is possible with the automatic + autonomously operating Hidden Spy Camera Detector from X-Guard.


We understand that if you hold a public position, are an executive or a celebrity, you want to protect yourself against unwanted recordings in certain areas.

At the same time, you don’t want to use any devices that might have a microphone in them. And do you want to perform a daily or weekly scan to detect possible hidden spy cameras? Because nowadays everyone can buy a cell phone hidden spy camera for less than a hundred dollars.

Hidden Spy Camera Detector
Automatic Hidden Spy Camera Detector

Why an automatic Hidden Spy Camera Detector

We protect your privacy! That is why we have developed a camera spy detector that detects all types of wireless hidden bugs such as a camera and a listening device.


Nowadays, anyone can buy a spy camera or listening device for a few hundred dollars. Inconspicuous such as a power strip, lamp, fire detector, screw, pin, or pinhead.

What these devices have in common is that they work on WIFI or 2G GSM.

Permanent Hidden Spy Camera Detector

That is why we have developed a permanent Hidden Spy Camera Detector that operates completely autonomously within the space in which it is placed.


This way the system can scan your space every day. It works very intuitively, so no one needs to know that the system is there while you have control over it.

You can receive the alarms within your own Control Center, or within our Control Center. This way you know exactly when a hidden spy camera is present, constantly recording everything, or only sending data in the middle of the night

Permanent Hidden Spy Camera Detector
Hidden Spy Camera Detector Demonstrator

Investigative Hidden Spy Camera Detector

If someone enters your room with a portable device, they will be detected and identified. Ultimately, it will even be possible to track and correlate mobile devices across a property. The combination of the X-Guard with the X-Fusion makes your property safer than ever against potential privacy intrusions via spy cameras or listening devices.


Multi Frequency Spy Camera Detector

The system works completely autonomously. You permanently install the X-Guard Hidden Spy Camera Detector once, the rest happens automatically. It automatically scans your space continuously within 10 frequencies. Of course you can also easily add or select frequencies from our pre-configuration list.

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