Cellular Intrusion Detection

Cellular Intrusion Protection

X-SENSOR by X-SURVEILLANCE is a directional and highly accurate 4G LTE and WiFi cellular detection sensor system. The X-SENSOR is a scalable surveillance, evidence and intelligence system based upon a SDR (Software Defined Radio) toolkit to detect and identify 4G LTE smart devices.


X-SURVEILLANCE Cellular Detection is a geo-fence detection and forensics tool that can identify, track and trace wireless devices throughout the cellular RF spectrum.


The cellular intrusion detection sensor system detects standard 4G LTE smart devices using geo-fencing or directional detection techniques, and can be expanded with one or multiple tool kits to detect the entire RF spectrum:


• 4G LTE cellular devices

• 3G GPRS cellular devices

• 2G GSM cellular devices

• WiFi wireless devices

• IoT wireless devices