Prison Cell Phone Jamming + IMSI Catcher

The X-Guard Active DoS Prison Cell Phone Jamming and IMSI Catcher solution has the capability to jam unwanted cell phones in a targeted manner and simultaneously detect the IMSI and/or IMEI. In short, instead of just prison-wide cell phone jamming, which also affects local residents, passers-by, and staff, the X-Guard Active offers a unique solution.


The X-Guard Active DoS ensures that inmates using unauthorized cell phones are jammed specifically. Rather than full prison jamming, it allows for targeted jamming within 30 to 150 meters, covering specific prison cells, zones, departments, or wings.

At the same time, it can also identify the IMSI and/or IMEI of the device.

Cell Phones Active Denial of Service

Regular jamming operations in prisons have the disadvantage of affecting everyone in the vicinity. Additionally, cell phones become usable again if the jamming technology is temporarily turned off or malfunctions.


The X-Guard Active DoS (Denial of Service) addresses these issues by ensuring that once a cell phone is detected, it can no longer communicate within the cellular network or connect to any other network.

The advantage of the X-Guard Active DoS is that it not only jams cell phones in prisons but also ensures they will be permanently disabled.

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Prison Cell Phone Jamming + IMSI Catching

The X-Guard Active DoS blocks cell phones by detecting their IMSI and/or IMEI and preventing the SIM card from connecting to any network.


It stops any further communication to the outside world via cellular connectivity while collecting the IMSI and/or IMEI of the devices. It operates on 2G GSM and 4G LTE and can transmit a trigger to the targeted mobile device to disable its connectivity.

Additionally, the X-Guard Active DoS gathers other attributes across the wireless spectrum, with the ability to detect any cell phone using BLE, Wi-Fi, 2G GSM, 4G LTE, and optionally, 5G.

Plug & Play Jammer + IMSI Catcher in One

Each X-Guard Active DoS Detector Set can be deployed in just one hour, requiring only electricity. Detections are transmitted to the remote control panel using encrypted Wi-Fi or UTP networks. Operators can manage and monitor thousands of Detector Sets from a single control panel.


Once deployed, it instantly detects all cell phones in the vicinity within seconds of a device gaining connectivity after being in flight mode or turned off. As soon as connectivity is established, the X-ARMSA Guard (Proximity) IMSI Catchers can detect and disable cellular devices within seconds.


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