PBIC Passive IMSI Detector / Ethical Stingray

Passive Baseband Identifier Collector

Passive IMSI Detector

The PBIC (Proximity Baseband Identifier Collector) is an ultra-close and close proximity full spectrum monitoring, plug & play, tactical: “Wireless & Cellular Passive Stingray Device” (passive IMSI Catcher / Detector) which can be used to detect suspects within the cellular GSM, EDGE, LTE and 5G spectrum, natively.


During the design, we took privacy very seriously. The second objective was to develop a technique to keep our precious society safer.

We maximize your situational awareness using the most advanced, compact, discrete, scalable and efficient intel-sensing spectrum stingray device technology available. We give you and your team the ability to work with real-time and pinpointed fact-data.

PBIC. For a safer society.

Passive Baseband Identifier Collector PIDS

Close Proximity & Passive IMSI Detector

The PBIC Passive Stingray device monitors and collects valuable insights such as: IMEI, IMSI, TMSI, and other attributes) from the cellular spectrum with practically zero effect on the connectivity. Within a close proximity of 3 meters up to 50+ meters.


The PBIC Passive passive IMSI Catcher / Detector device is targeting both short and long distance connected cellular devices (GSM, EDGE, LTE, 5G) and wireless devices (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi). The PBIC passive stingray device constantly monitors the wireless spectrum, even while an operator is on the move or in the air.

Thanks to a passive and native way of detection, no communication or personal information is intercepted or downgraded.

PBIC IMSI Detector

The real-time detected  intelligence and forensic monitoring reports can be called up at any time. Particularly for operators in the field, the dashboard offers the option of only receiving a (mobile) verification notification.


The PBIC is operational in a private cloud, on-premise or ad-hoc environment. Where the ad-hoc environment can be integrated within a backpack, rugged case or covert equipment.

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