Covert Executive Protection

Preventive Executive Protection

Preventive covert protection is aimed at preventing and reducing attacks and calamities for celebrities and executives traveling.


The PBIC-VIP for the covert protection uses preventive security analytics by constantly detecting wireless footprints. Like everyone else, attackers also carry mobile devices and smartwatches.

Every wireless device has a unique footprint. With the machine-learning and deep-learning PBIC technology, possible attackers and pursuers can be detected preventively.

Executive Travel Protection

The PBIC-VIP is a discrete technology that can be widely used during a trip. High profile celebrities and executives can become victims of an attack or kidnapping in high-risk situations.


Surveillance and counter-surveillance can offer a solution, especially if these coverts are performed with invisible observation and correlation technique. Which can be hidden somewhere, which can be integrated somewhere or can be carried in a backpack.

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