PBIC, a Privacy-By-Design Proximity IMSI Detector

X-Surveillance introduces the new PBIC v3 – Proximity Baseband Identifier Collector.

X-Surveillance it’s (UVP) unique value proposition is ultra-close and close proximity detection of mobile and IoT devices. Privacy-centric and native 4G LTE IMSI Catcher + 5G IMSI Catcher (close) proximity detection technology. Collecting wireless and cellular handshakes passively from the open wireless spectrum.


PBIC V3 Multi-Spectrum

Close Proximity & Passive IMSI Detector

Detecting accurately in ultra close (1.5 mtrs) up to close (75 mtrs) proximity IoT and mobile devices within the GSM – EDGE – LTE – 5G – BLE – WIFI spectrum.

Collecting wireless and cellular identifiers (handshakes) in the spectrum, both directional and omnidirectional.

With the PBIC V3 it is possible to bound different spectrum IMSI detecting devices to one account, for a broad (cost-reducing) solution.

Next-Gen Predictive Security

Additional Layer of Security

The corporate PBIC is specially developed to safeguard properties and assets. To warn you more accurately and more quickly as a preventative measure using predictive techniques.

Detected identifiers are converted into predictive detected intelligence based on a configured algorithm, fact-data correlations, attributes and patterns. This gives you accurate and real-time insights into possible risks 24/7.

Remote Management

Real-time intelligence monitoring

Without extensive training, the PBIC can be deployed with ease as a portable, flexible and fixed solution.

A trained controller can remotely configure, maintain and monitor the PBIC. Optionally, the PBIC can be operational for up to 7 days separately from existing infrastructure. Available in different sizes. Like the size of a football, backpack or rugged case.

Close proximity & privacy-by-design IMSI Detection.

Economical IMSI Detection

X-Surveillance offers the PBIC in different variants. As a stand-alone, covert, tactical, portable and even as a fixed variant. Due to its small size and low price, the PBIC can be used as an IMSI detecting passive IMSI Catcher / Detector device for everything.


We understand that interception is often not necessary, by only offering an IMSI Detector without interception, the price can remain low. Contact us to learn more about our PBIC models.

GSM + LTE + 5G Detection

For tactical deployment, for national security, we understand that you want to use all means to detect threats. With extensive (remote) collective intelligence and (on-site) situational awareness, you can increase safety proactively and preventively.


X-Surveillance offers various (privacy-ethical) privacy-centric IMSI Detectors for (tactical) operational deployment, the Passive GSM IMSI Catcher, 4G LTE IMSI Catcher and 5G IMSI Catcher. Allowing you to detect all unknown, unauthorized and authorized GSM, LTE, 5G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi cellular devices in a close proximity.


If you are looking for an IMSI Catcher with a range of 3 to 50 meters (optionally expandable to 75 meters), the PBIC IMSI Detector is the solution for you.