Counter Surveillance Equipment

Preventive Counter Surveillance

X-Surveillance introduces next-level Counter Surveillance Equipment that automatically detects threats and hazards when you are on the move: traveling, driving, bicycling.


Developed as an add-on towards existing Close Protection services.

Through years of experience of what is possible with the use of surveillance technologies. For that reason, X-Surveillance has developed a solution that alerts close protection details both preventively and actively so that they can act more proactively.



Counter Surveillance Equipment
On the Move Counter Surveillance Equipment

Autonomous Counter Surveillance Technology

AWARE is the ultimate solution to detect unwanted surveillance by vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and people. With our innovative: autonomous and passive technology you get more situational awareness than ever before.


AWARE is an automatic counter surveillance equipment which, unlike other counter surveillance techniques, does not require any prior knowledge or input data. Of course you can set certain attributes for the purpose of operation.

X-Surveillance AWARE, an innovative and effective add-on to your current Close Protection detail services.

Discrete Counter Surveillance Equipment

With AWARE, you have the ability to act quickly and proactively to fend off potential attacks or other threats before they happen.


In addition to camera equipment, AWARE uses the radio frequency electromagnetic spectrum. This allows it to detect, recognize and correlate invisible and overlooked attributes.

Contact us for more technical explanation about our unique counter surveillance equipment, and how it can help you.



Unique Counter Surveillance Equipment