Counter Surveillance Technology


Contact us and discover how we can help your organization with our innovative and unique Counter Surveillance Technology independently designed for Counter Surveillance, Anti Surveillance and Surveillance Detection.

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    Designed for Anti Surveillance + Surveillance Detection

    Automatic Preventive + Active > Real-Time Surveillance Detection
    Mobile-Friendly, On-Site and Control Room Integrable Technology
    Users Receive Automatic Preeemptive Anti Surveillance Alerts
    Fully Customizable + User-Friendly Counter Surveillance Technology
    Our Counter Surveillance Technology Operates Fully Autonomous
    Protect Your Clients – Family – Valuables – Goods – More
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    Based on a few questions, we can provide you the best X-AWARE version.

    X-AWARE is available as a full Passive and Passive+Extended solution. With both the Passive and Passive+Extended, over 100+ data points can be detected – recognized – processed – identified.

    • Passive: With a unique combination of up to 15 different wireless spectrums and frequencies, X-AWARE offers a total picture.
    • Passive+Extended: Additional intelligence is gathered by identifying wireless devices within the cellular spectrum.

    Contact us for more information about our X-AWARE and its possible deployments.

    X-AWARE Anti + Counter Surveillance Detection Technology