Unoccupied / Vacant Property Security

Securing unoccupied spaces

During the Covid-19 period we learned to work more from home. Statistics indicate that this trend will continue, with fewer employees returning to the office full-time.


Which means more floors and spaces are unoccupied.


Security officers know that access cards and biometrics are a security layer. Colleagues trust each other, so tailgating and accidentally granting access to spaces is still possible.

Wireless spectrum detection

The X-Sensors technology is the ultimate unoccupied and vacant property security solution. Detecting authorized or unauthorized persons by scanning the wireless spectrum.


Everyone has a wireless device with them these days. These devices transmit signals into the spectrum. By scanning in this invisible spectrum we generate more valuable data for the security staff.


This allows the security staff to make better decisions, without having to deal with more work and tasks.

Vacant property security

For security specialists who (remotely) protect vacant properties, the X-Sensors technology is an excellent addition.


They don’t have to constantly look at the monitors. With the X-Sensors technology, they proactively receive a notification when an unauthorized person enters a vacant space.