Secure Area by Cellular & Wireless Intrusion Detection


Monitor unauthorised access to secured pharma R&D and medicine storage areas using Cellular Intrusion Detection.


Unauthorised access and authorised access policies are critical for the operation of the company but despite all precautions, the intruders still succeed to bypass the current security measures.


There are a few types of accessing unauthorised to secured areas, such as:


One or more persons follow, intentionally or unintentionally, an authorised employee through a door. Smart action allows intruders to easily gain access to a secure area.


Forcing access
Gaining unauthorised access to a secured room can be done by using “door propping”. This is mostly detected after some short of time, resulting in a low response time. Door props can permit unauthorised access and render electronic access control systems valueless.


Keys & cards
Security systems identify an unauthorised intruder as an employee and give access to a secured area. Whether the keys or cards are stolen, lost, forgotten or loaned out, the intruder has full access to a secured area.


Biometric and facial recognition
Researchers, executives and business reps of pharmaceutical companies might enter simultaneously a secured area, who of them took also a mobile device with them that may lead to IP theft? X-SENSOR solves more than a more secure access management.