Next-Gen Investigation & Forensics

Next-Gen Investigation Kit

X-Surveillance introduces a Next-Gen Investigation Kit developed in collaboration with forensic, intelligence and investigation specialists.


With the X-Surveillance Investigation Kit you can easily and quickly locate wireless and cellular devices. Its ultra-accurate and targeted detection allows operators to very accurately detect, identify and verify suspect smartphones, burner phones and other cellular devices.

Intelligence, Forensics & Evidence Investigation Kit

The X-Surveillance Investigation Kit can be widely deployed. This includes criminal investigation, forensics, crime scene protection, technical support, and so on.


In short, the goal of this affordable and immediately operational solution is to collect intelligence using wireless and cellular IMSI Detection, Verification and Correlation technology.

Collecting valuable insights such as: IMEI, IMSI, TMSI, GPS, etc. from the cellular spectrum with practically zero effect on the connectivity. Within a close proximity of 2.5 meters up to 100 meters.

Collecting intelligence or forensic evidence

The Investigation Kit can be widely used without technical knowledge.


Whether the Investigation Kit is used to gather information during an investigation, verify the suspect’s presence, correlate the suspect’s contact person, or observe the suspect’s whereabouts.

To learn more about Investigation Kit deployment options and applications, please contact us.