Detect Wiretap & Wiretap Prevention

XDETECT • Detect Wiretap Equipment

With the XDetect users have the ability to Detect WireTap Cell Site Simulators. Nowadays all communications are wireless, and so wireless wiretapping is becoming more importantly.


The XDetect is designed to detect wiretap systems. With the objective of being preventively protected against active IMSI Catchers in your proximity. To avoid attackers eavesdropping on your conversations.

Receive automatic early alerts when a rogue base station, imsi catcher or cell site simulator is active in your area. Prevent them from attacking your mobile devices and wiretap all your mobile conversations. We ensure that you can act proactively against possible wiretap attacks.

Detecting Wiretap IMSI Catchers

Important: It is not designed to detect if you are wiretapped by a telecom provider as that is performed on the backend. It is also not designed to detect if there is already spyware on your mobile device. We have a solution for this, nevertheless not our core business.


We provide you the XDetect, with the aim of detecting wiretap IMSI Catchers operating in your vicinity. Why is XDetect a good solution?


Detect WireTap Attacks Preventively

In particular, the XDetect has been developed to warn you preventively so that you can take action before attackers can eavesdrop on your conversations or carry out other attacks on your mobile devices.

Beyond WireTap Detection

Detecting or being aware if you are being wiretapped is very valuable. What might be even more valuable is to prevent being wiretapped. XDetect detects a wiretap IMSI Catcher prior to being targeted.


In this way you are preventively protected against:

  • Wiretapping – Wireless Eavesdropping
  • Remote attacks on your mobile device
    • Attackers having spyware installed remotely
    • Attackers having malware installed remotely
  • Remote tracking software installed on your device
  • Identifying your mobile phone on its IMSI + IMEI

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