Gain more situational awareness by detecting unauthorized visitors and intruders by scanning the wireless spectrum.

Where security camera’s are designed for visual security. The X-Sensors technology is an invisible security.
As an additional layer, you increase the security of your organisation.

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    Depending on the customer’s requirement, this X-Sensors technology GDPR (world’s strictest privacy regulation) compliant.
    The X-Sensors technology comes standard with a web-based Live Tracking and Forensics GDPR-Compliant Dashboard.
    Using the cell phone detection X-Sensors technology – your security staff gains more situational awareness, instantly.
    One operator can manage thousands of sensors (with various spectrum detectors) with just one dashboard. Very user-friendly.
    An additional layer of security. Detecting unauthorized individuals accessing restricted spaces using wireless cell phone detection tech.
    Disruptive technology. Detecting cell phones (individuals) without downgrading. Cellular detection: GSM – LTE – WiFi.
    Customer’s engineers can experiment and customize the code upon customer’s request. Freedom to experiment and change the code.