Thank you for your purchase. The X-CATCHER is designed as a Custom-Build-Your-Own 4G LTE or 2G GSM IMSI Catcher.
To assist you in your developments, we provide more services.

Additional X-Catcher Services

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    Once you already have an SDR (Software Defined Radio) for operational use. You do not require to purchase a SDR. An additional SDR can be purchased for an additional 1.000 Euros.
    To increase the range of detection of the X-CATCHER (4G + 2G) IMSI Catcher you might need an amplifier. If you already have an amplifier, you do not have to purchase an extra amplifier.
    Upon request we may send you a list of advised omnidirectional and directional antennas, or assist you in (reimbursed) researching for the best matching antennas.
    For the use of the Development Kit, we advise using Nuand as SDR and Amplifier provider. It is compatible with own developments with other SDR and Amplifier providers.
    Product assistance: Training and Custom co-developments are additional services. Each purchase comes with a fixed € 500,00 start-up costs.
    Customer’s engineers can experiment and customize the code upon customer’s request. Freedom to experiment and change the code.
    Note: The LTE Cellular Interceptor / IMSICatchers are only available for enterprises, law enforcement, intelligence and emergency services. We sell only for ethical, security monitoring and pen testing purposes.