Stingray Detector including Warning + Alarm

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The benefits of a Stingray Detector is that it transmits an Early Warning and Real-Time Alarm Notifications. Preventing you from being eavesdropped. A Stingray is used to retrieve IMSI and IMEI addresses. Once an IMSI or IMEI is retrieved a victim can be traced from that moment on.


Another major advantage of a Stingray Detector is that it prevents Stingrays from carrying out attacks via the network. A stingray is similar to a Rogue Base Stations or Cell Site Simulators.

Stingray Detector with Warning and Alarm

Because most, 99% of all regular, secure and high secure smartphones accept everything that is sent over the network. Because there is no multi-layered baseband attack verification. Can Rogue Base Stations or Cell Site Simulators conduct remote attacks and simultaneously install Spyware, Malware, or Tracking software.


To prevent these attacks, our Stingray Detector XDETECT sends out an Early Warning when a Stingray is nearby and transmits an Alarm when it is in close proximity.

Professional Stingray Detector

The XDetect is a professional – Plug & Play – Stingray Detector that operates within the same range as professional Stingrays / IMSI Catchers. Safeguarding the users mobile devices and preventing these devices from being targeted and attacked.


Purchase the highly affordable XDetect and receive it the next week. Place the XDetect in a high location, power it up and connect it to the internet (wireless or ethernet).

The XDetect Plug & Play is operational within 30 minutes.

Stingray Detector Technology

One of the big advantages is that the XDetect operates entirely autonomously. Transmitting an early warning to the user when an IMSI Catcher / Stingray is detected. Once operational the user has the ability to do a baseline scan whitelisting surrounding real (trusted) cell towers / cell sites / base stations.


Stingray Warning + Alert Technology

With the use of Proprietary Techniques, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Algorithms, Automatic Correlations it operates autonomously, and it transmits early warnings automatically.

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