Ethical 5G IMSI Catcher For Sale Regulations

Ethical 5G IMSI Catcher

The 5G IMSI Catcher is for sale in combination with the LTE and GSM processors to ensure overall close proximity spectrum detection.


Because we apply strict ethical policies, the 5G IMSI Catcher is only for sale to government agencies for safety purposes or large enterprises for asset protection. One of our consultants will contact you prior to the sale.

Fifth-Gen Cellular Detection

We offer the fifth-generation cellular network protocol 5G IMSI Catcher for sale as an add-on, as part of the overall GSM and LTE set. Note: only available for Mil and LEA’s.


The X-Surveillance 5G IMSI Catcher is a single or dual add-on. Which each can be configured user-friendly. The 5G IMSI Catcher is available in a modular kit and as a complete set.

5G IMSI Catcher Availability

– Modular kit: Cellular (GSM + LTE + 5G) processors where the user can link their own SDR + Amplifier. To determine the desired distance per use case.


– Complete set: Cellular (GSM + LTE + 5G) processors where X-Surveillance offers the 5G IMSI Catcher for sale immediately deployable. As a user you can choose from close proximity or long range.