The X-CATCHER is designed as a Custom-Build-Your-Own 4G LTE or 2G GSM IMSI Catcher.
Making it easy for any engineer to setup their own environment using the X-Catcher Development Kit.

Purchase the Out of the Box – pre-configured, custom setup – 4G LTE or 2G GSM IMSI Catcher Processor.

Purchase 4G LTE / 2G GSM IMSI Catcher

    You will receive an invoice by mail within 48 hours, please check your spambox. By purchasing the X-Catcher you agree with the Terms & Conditions.

    The X-Catcher LTE is the first (affordable) Native 4G LTE IMSI Catcher small-sized Portable Software Kit. Instant detection + No downgrading.
    Both the Native 4G LTE + Native 2G GSM IMSI Catcher comes standard with a web-based Live Tracking and Forensics Dashboard.
    One operator can manage thousands of Native 4G LTE and/or Native 2G GSM IMSI Catchers from the Advanced Dashboard.
    Customer’s engineers can develop beyond IMSI Catching after purchasing the Tactical Engineer Kit. Freedom to customize the code.
    The 4G + 2G X-CATCHER’s are a software-defined Lab Kit to, that requires additional SDR + Amplifier + Antennas, or can be purchased separately afterwards. Customizable to the needs and deployment.
    The X-CATCHER’s are compatible with most SDR’s and Amplifiers and Antennas to increase the range and accuracy.
    Note: The LTE Cellular Interceptor / IMSICatchers are only available for enterprises, law enforcement, intelligence and emergency services. We sell only for ethical, security monitoring and pen testing purposes.