Preventive Armored Vehicles Protection

Armored Vehicles Protection

During missions you want to know if you are being pursued. A pursuer can follow your client in an armored vehicle via the same or different routes, possibly with different vehicles each time. We have developed a Special Vehicle Protection (PBIC-SVP version) especially for this use case.


Preventively protect your (traveling in armored vehicles) VIP client by using real-time analytics. The unique mil-grade technology PBIC is now discreetly integrable within all types of special protection vehicles and high security armored vehicles.

Special VIP Vehicles Protection

By constantly scanning around the vehicle for wireless footprints, security guards gain real-time insight into the potential threat. This makes your VIP security and protection smarter.


Everything is becoming more digital, including your attackers. They also wear mobile devices and smart watches. Every wireless device has a unique identifier. This way we can detect whether you are being chased or if you end up in a trap. This makes the PBIC an extra layer of unique preventive vehicle protection.

Learn more about the PBIC-SVP (Special Vehicle Protection), and how it can protect you clients preventively with the wireless footprint & security analytics.