Modular Portable IMEI + IMSI Catcher

Portable IMSI + IMEI Catcher

The X•Micro is the world’s most flexible, modular and stealthy operational portable IMSI Catcher. Designed to fit in a man’s purse, women’s purse, regular backpack or briefcase.


Proven Technology. Available in two highly modular versions: 4G LTE and Multi-Gen. Both with an operational IMSI + IMEI Catching distance of 10 to 100 meters.

Flexible and Modular. Selection from 1 to 6 channels simultaneously. Frequency Fixed, and Frequency Hopping. Included swappable power banks.


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Multi-Gen IMSI + IMEI Catcher

Ultra small portable IMSI + IMEI Catcher – designed for discreet indoor and outdoor deployments.


4G LTE X•Micro – Portable IMSI Catcher
The 4G LTE X•Micro detects the IMSI of mobile devices, operating as an unobtrusive stealthy operational (mini) micro: active cell site simulator.

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Multi-Gen X•Micro – Portable IMSI + IMEI Catcher

The Multi-Gen X•Micro targets all mobile devices as an active IMSI + IMEI Catcher. This version obtains both the IMSI and IMEIs of all: 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile devices.

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Stand-Alone IMSI + IMEI Catcher

The flexible, modular and discrete X•Micro IMSI + IMEI Catcher is available as a stand-alone model.


Stand Alone Dashboard. Operators access the X•Micro through a web and mobile dashboard. The systems can be calibrated, configured, personalized and monitored via one secure intuitive and user-friendly Platform Dashboard.


The X•Micro IMSI + IMEI Catcher is also available as a stealthy remote controllable: portable IMSI Catcher.

Remote-Managed Dashboard. Through the user-friendly, intuitive and advanced Managed or On-Premise: Platform, operators have the ability to remotely personalize, configure, manage and monitor an unlimited number of IMSI Catcher systems.

Micro, Mini Portable IMSI Catcher

In addition to the micro-sized: active mobile phone detection and tracking (with a frequency range of 60 MHz to 6 Ghz) capabilities, this portable IMSI Catcher is expandable with BLE – WIFI – TPMS – attribute detections.


Every X•Micro comes with an intuitive user-friendly web-based secure dashboard.

The advanced dashboard has the capabilities available: configurable machine learning, automatic correlation, collective intelligence, pattern recognition, targeted investigations, time-based detections, autonomous recognition, configurable alarms, and much more.


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