Compound Cellular & Wireless Intrusion Detection


For tactical purposes the X-SURVEILLANCE X-SENSOR can operate as a stand-alone deployed compound cellular intrusion detection. The X-SURVEILLANCE X-SENSOR C2 Receiver with Dashboard and Alarm system is integrated in a waterproof rugged case, enabling the operator to deploy, to operate and to control all semi-passive cellular detection sensors.


The advantage of the X-SURVEILLANCE X-SENSOR is that it will not be detected by a smart phone or smart device, it detects and identifies LTE 4G smart devices semi-passive.


This tactical compound cellular intrusion detection sensor system is developed to easily detect smart phones and smart devices in any terrain. Used for easy detection, localisation and identification of an intruder, without warning the smart phone or smart device.


This semi-passive cellular intrusion detection system helps to secure a compound against criminals, activists, intruders and terrorists. For humanitarian operations the X-SURVEILLANCE X-SENSOR can be deployed after an emergency or disaster looking for lost individuals nearby an affected compound using drones to scan a specific or large area.