Wireless Cellular Detection, Track and Tracing


X-SENSOR is a remote operational surveillance solution detecting cellular and wireless mobile devices within matters of seconds. In combination with X-SENSOR Identity the toolset is complete, making it possible to identify mobile devices as well as indoor as outdoor.


By using special developments we made it possible to identify both 4G LTE, 3G, 2G and WiFi devices with the possibility to store both temporary and permanent identities.


This makes the X-SURVEILLANCE X-SENSOR system the only product able to detect, to locate and to identify cellular and wireless devices without other surveillance techniques. The system can operate as an addition or as a stand-alone deployable solution.


• Detection & Localisation
By using passive techniques. Detecting and localising wireless devices using accurately placed dots on a floor-plan map.


• Detection & Localisation + Tracking
By using passive techniques. Combining other surveillance techniques and a X-SENSOR mesh-network to keep tracking a suspect.


• Detection & Localisation + Tracking + Tracing
By using semi-passive techniques. Increasing the intel with the tracking and tracing of every wireless device.