4G LTE Cell-site simulators (SDR / Catcher)

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4G LTE Emergency Cell-Site Simulator

Purchase your 4G LTE Cell-site simulator only € 1.200,-.

+ GSM Cell-site simulator (€ 1.100,-) = total € 2.300,-.


4G LTE Cell-site simulator can be deployed as:


1) Cell-site simulator as Basestation for emergency communications.


1 A) an Emergency BaseStation whereby UE’s (User Equipment) with a dedicated sim-card make use of their own local, stand-alone 4G network. Depending on the requirements it is wise to choose 4G or 2G.

1 B) When transferring fast and large data sets we advise LTE.
When long range in hillside environments small data sets are transferred we advise GSM.

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4G LTE Catcher Cell-Site Simulator

4G LTE Cell-site simulator can be deployed as:


2) Cell-site simulator as IMSI Catcher for ethical pen-testing & perimeter security.


2 A) an IMSI Catcher whereby UE’s are silently detected, natively on the 4G LTE spectrum without being downgraded.

2 B) optionally the GSM UE’s can be detected using the GSM IMSI Catcher.


Note: both solutions may only be deployed in own environments (perimeters).

LTE + GSM Cell Site Simulators

The range of the 4G LTE + 5G Cellular Interceptor / Catcher may be very close to 1 meter up to 200 meters. Depending on the antennas, amplifier and SDR selected. The service is continuously yearly updated, once or multiple times a year.


Customer’s engineers can customize the software to the needs: 1) Basestation or 2) Catcher.


Note: The LTE + GSM Cell Site Simulators are only available for enterprises, law enforcement, intelligence and emergency services. We sell only for ethical, security, safety and pen testing purposes.

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